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Instructional Programs
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Instructional Programs

What sort of instructional program does ESD offer?

ESD provides both individual and group instruction on a class schedule basis for consumers. Subjects taught by instructors include English, signing, reading, study skills, writing, mathematics, basic financial skills, selected computer applications, communication skills, and mannerism skills.  Consumers may take at least five hours of instruction per weekday (Monday through Friday).

What kind of training do ESD instructors have?

Our instructors are the heart of our operation. Though each instructor has their own subject-area expertise, all are trained in ESD’s exclusive and innovative learning-through-vision teaching method and deeply understand our curriculum and our goals — helping consumers meet and exceed the common core challenges of reading, writing, mathematics, communication, and critical analysis necessary for a variety of career fields. 

I want my consumer to have individual attention from an instructor—can ESD provide this?

Absolutely – we believe that learning should be personal, and at ESD, we strive to deliver targeted, individual attention and feedback to every consumer. Our instructors are more than traditional instructors: they get to know each consumer personally and provide the positive reinforcement and motivation that leads to career success — both within and beyond the classroom. Each consumer gets focused, one-on-one attention during every session, and they also are given time to work on skills independently, which is crucial for truly mastering concepts and skills. Our combination of one-on-one support and independent skill-building produces results.

Will my consumer like attending ESD?

Our consumers enthusiastically enjoy attending ESD, where we work hard to make learning fun. Our absence rate is very low. ESD is a place where consumers feel inspired to learn and are comfortable asking questions and taking risks. We combine the professionalism of a great staff, the enthusiasm of qualified instructors, and allure of digital learning to make classes at ESD the highlight of your consumer’s day.

Does ESD offer bilingual services for deaf immigrants?

We’re pleased to say that yes, ESD has multilingual signing staff and instructors. Those consumers who recently immigrated and have limited to no English skills are welcomed by ESD and broadly prepared through our learning-through-vision technology to achieve improved communication and employment skills.

What makes ESD's instruction work?

Our instructional program is different than other literacy programs – ESD’s consumers create basic, self-learning tools as they advance through our worksheets and training videos. Consumers gain mastery of numerous core concepts as they progress through the program. We believe the best kind of learning—the kind that increases not only knowledge but also independence and confidence—must take into account that each consumer is unique, with his or her own learning style. That’s why we use our exclusive learning-through-vision teaching method, which makes learning both personal and meaningful. We assess your consumer’s academic and employment strengths and needs, pinpointing the skills and attitudes that your consumer needs to strengthen.

What makes ESD’s assessment different from other services?

We believe learning needs to be personal and specifically designed for each individual consumer. The cornerstone of our approach is the insights gleaned from not only academic assessments but also the observations of ESD instructors as well as attitude surveys completed by consumers. These additional sources of information go deeper than standard assessments: we don’t just provide what your consumer needs to learn.  We also take into consideration why he or she needs to learn these skills –whether due to underdeveloped academic skills or self-limiting beliefs. Your consumer’s learning plan is tailored to precisely what he or she needs to learn and thrive — both in the classroom and beyond.

How will I know that my consumer is making progress?

Results matter to us, too, so our instructors share your consumers’ monthly progress reports online to keep you in the loop about their learning progress. To keep communication between you and our instructors simple, we created a web-based application that provides an easy-to-use and customizable platform for you and instructors to access and interact with consumer data. Available anytime, anywhere, the application gives real-time information on your consumer’s educational progress.

What sets ESD apart from other learning programs?

1. ESD goes above and beyond.

ESD is an exclusive, structured, and proven self-learning program that gives each consumer the employment readiness skills and confidence to be prepared for today’s job market. The key to ESD’s success is both group and individual instruction, carefully planned by an instructor fluent in contemporary American Sign Language.

2. Your consumer will show demonstrated progress in our program.

Regardless of academic level, each consumer progresses through the individualized or group instruction following a logical series of steps. 

3. ESD delivers more than just employment success.

ESD’s disciplined approach to learning increases your consumer’s abilities in the classroom, on the job, and in their lives. Many consumers progress through the program at a rapid pace, moving quickly to the next level. 


How often does my consumer need to attend classes?

For maximum educational progression, we recommend five instructional sessions per week. However, if you or your consumer find this schedule to be challenging, just get in touch — we’ll work together to create a schedule that works for your consumer.

And how long does my consumer need to attend ESD?

Each consumer’s learning program is individually tailored to their learning goals, so how long he or she needs to attend depends on the goals your consumer has set. Prior to beginning coursework, we take the time to identify precisely what your consumer’s needs are and map out a lesson plan that makes sense for your consumer. We continuously assess your consumer’s progress at each lesson and adjust as needed, so your consumer stays engaged and enthusiastic.

Consumer’s Motivation

My consumer doesn’t seem to like school or job searching anymore. How do I know if ESD is the right fit?

It’s normal for consumers to get frustrated at times with the job searching process. Similarly, what inspires one consumer to learn might not inspire another. However, there are some clear signs that a consumer would benefit from our services.

Does your consumer:

  • seem to have lost the “spark” that shows a love of learning?

  • struggle to focus on reading, communicating, or socializing?

  • receive poor employment exam scores?

  • seem to be developing low self-esteem?

If so, you’re doing the right thing by seeking help and giving your consumer a better chance at success. Great instructors inspire their students, and our instructors firmly believe that we only succeed when our students succeed. 

My consumer has lost all interest in employment preparation. Can ESD instructors help my consumer get motivated?

“Motivate” is what we do best! Our instructors excel at engaging consumers in a way that builds their confidence as well as their passion for learning. At ESD, your consumer will interact with highly qualified instructors as well as the latest technology—an amazing combination that engages learners at all skill levels. Interactive lessons are adjusted to your consumer’s skill level and pace, making learning rewarding instead of frustrating or overwhelming. Our instructors don’t just teach – they challenge and inspire.


My consumers really need your help, but I don’t see your service in my location. Can you provide your service here?

Absolutely! Thank you for your interest in having an ESD in your area. Here’s how to get started:

Contact Us
To suggest an area that would benefit from our service, send an email to 

Schedule a Meeting
Our team will contact you to arrange an informative discussion. This will give you a better understanding of our service, our exclusive teaching methods and objectives, and the opportunity  to have all of your questions answered. 

Participate in Planning and Launching
After our meeting, you are invited to join our business manager to participate in planning and launching a new service in your area.

Questions? Suggestions?
Email us at

Are you willing to have additional service in another county in my state?

Absolutely! We can work together to arrange more service in your state.

Are you willing to travel to any county in my state to provide one-on-one tutoring and/or classes?

Yes, We are happy to arrange travel to any county for live face-to-face tutoring and classroom.