Deaf individuals face educational challenges. They struggle with:

  1. Sound-based learning strategies

  2. Lack of basic grammar foundation

  3. Misconstrued sign language

  4. Memorizing instead of translating learning into problem-solving

  5. Low motivation from low success

SOLUTION: The influence of the Employment Services for the Deaf’s (ESD) unique, innovative instruction method to tackle the challenges of employment as well as helping clients develop critical thinking and learning skills for work and life.

How do we help your clients succeed?

  1. Active thinking for applied learning

  2. Strategies to improve literacy skills

  3. Sign-based teaching to build grammar foundation

  4. Timing and shortcuts to problem-solving

  5. The constant excitement of new information that can be applied

What are the benefits of ESD to you and your clients?

Our support services help your clients develop career-related literacy skills that set them up for improvement in personal and work life. 

  1. Group and one-on-one learning experience
    We customize lessons and activities by focusing on specific problem areas.

  2. Improved attitude towards learning and sessions
    We offer constant encouragement, progressively dissolving feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.

  3. Encourages self-paced and self-directed learning
    Clients learn to manage the pace of their learning.

  4. Positive work space
    We provide an environment free of distractions so clients can better focus on learning.

  5. Encourages independence and responsibility
    Clients learn to work independently and take responsibility for studies and work.

  6. Helps overcome learning obstacles
    We pinpoint and strengthen aspects of learning with which clients struggle.

  7. Encourages freedom to ask questions
    Clients learn to be confident about asking questions, big or small, without feeling self-conscious.

  8. Improved social and behavioral skills
    Clients learn to communicate better and improve social behavior.

  9. Challenging those who need it
    Clients learn to be more productive and reach their full potential.

  10. Prepares your clients for the future
    Clients learn to create plans and time management skills.

Our customized assessments determine each client’s educational needs in order to build a program specifically tailored to each client’s needs to meet their vocational goals.
Our #1 goal is for clients to enjoy learning which optimizes their growth into full potential.
Studying isn’t about memorizing. Instead, effective studying is about deepening comprehension and applied knowledge. 

Clients who begin with very little hope and confidence in their literacy skills eventually become better visual learners and gain confidence as they prepare themselves for the job search and improve their skills, resulting in enhanced self-esteem, keeping jobs, improved daily living, and life-long learning.